Enter the suspense of darkness, terror… and superstition.

Superstitions rationalize the unknown by embracing the supernatural. And there are hundreds of superstitions deeply routed in all cultures from the past, present and future. From the creator of FINAL DESTINATION, Jeffrey Reddick & Executive Producer, Arthur Wylie:

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Superstitious Beliefs

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A bird flying into a house means a change of some kind is coming, while only a wren flying into a house means good luck. The idea of birds as messengers signalling death or impending doom is also seen in the superstitions regarding birds flying into or tapping on windows. It is believed that the thump of their bodies and tapping of their beaks against the glass represents death knocking.


Fan Superstitions: Bird Flying Inside Your Home
… And not just because you'll poke someone's eye out. Opening an umbrella indoors is supposed to bring bad luck, though the origins of this belief are murky. Legends abound, from a story of an ancient Roman woman who happened to have opened her umbrella moments before her house collapsed, to the tale of a British prince who accepted two umbrellas from a visiting king and died within months. Like the "don't walk under a ladder" superstition, this seems to be a case of a myth arising to keep people from doing something that is slightly dangerous in the first place.

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Fan Superstition: No Umbrellas Indoors
This phrase is almost like a verbal talisman, designed to ward off bad luck after tempting fate: "Breaking that mirror didn't bring me any trouble, knock on wood." The fixation on wood may come from old myths about good spirits in trees or from an association with the Christian cross. Similar phrases abound in multiple languages, suggesting that the desire not to upset a spiteful universe is very common.

Raphael Woods

Fan Superstition: Knock on Wood


They say that deaths occur in threes… A white-knuckle thriller that puts a wicked twist on the superstition, and also comments on our addiction to social media and technology, our desensitization to violence in a society that runs on a 24-hr news cycle, and a culture that breeds isolation, paranoia… and fear. After two unrelated deaths occur on a university campus, a young co-ed (CARA) and her friends are lured into participating in The Dead Pool - an online game where students place bets on who will die next. No one knows who started the game, but everyone's playing. However, what starts as a morbid joke soon turns to terror when the person Cara 'selected' actually dies and Cara wins The Dead Pool. Now, THE REAPER, the mysterious creator of The Dead Pool, starts stalking Cara and her friends, killing them one by one. To make things worse, all of the clues point to Cara as the killer, making her an outcast on campus and the prime target of DETECTIVE DIBLASI.

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Jeffrey Reddick is best known for creating the Final Destination (2000) film franchise. He also co-wrote the story for, and executive produced, Final Destination 2 (2003). Jeffrey lives in Los Angeles. He grew up in Eastern Kentucky and attended Berea College.

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One of the top entrepreneur and advisory brands internationally. Wylie participated in 750 million + in business deals. Best Selling Author, Film Producer, Investor, Philanthropist & former wealth manager. Currently, Arthur also holds the title of CEO of Global Renaissance Advisory Services and manages the AW Enterprises Brands, where his duties range from capital raising, corporate branding for international clients, revenue maximization for corporations, film production, distribution, to working with some of Hollywood’s top producers and Studios. Arthur lives bi-coastal in between Charlotte NC and Hollywood, Ca. Arthur recently launched the Wylie Initiative for the Study of Entrepreneurship (W.I.S.E) and the Arthur Wylie Foundation to help develop the next wave of you aspiring entrepreneurs through scholarships and educational programs.

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Carol Ann SHINE is an award-winning producer who has produced over 50 titles for film and television. A graduate of USC’s School of Cinema & Television, “SHINE,” as she is affectionately known in the industry, has focused her career on empowering marginalized communities by helping to tell compelling stories that uplift and inspire everyone. Her credits include Blackbird starring Academy Award® winner Mo’Nique, I Am Legend starring Academy Award® nominee, Will Smith and the groundbreaking LOGO television series, “Noah’s Arc.” SHINE is committed to giving a voice to “the other” across a variety of mediums, with the hope of continuing to expand the reflection and reach of modern storytellers.

Kevin Goetz


Kevin Goetz is a producer and director, known for Scenic Route (2013), Martyrs (2015) and Mass Transit (1998).

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Michael Goetz is a director and writer, known for Scenic Route (2013), Martyrs (2015) and Mass Transit (1998).


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